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  Anyone interested in joining our group that is a member of an industry not already represented in Business Connect may join.

If you have a question about our group, we encourage you to come to a meeting and experience our networking first hand. If there is an opening in your field, you may request to join the group. If the members approve, you can then become a member of Business Connect.

How to visit or join our group - Contact the current Business Connect KC President by e-mail at . In your e-mail, please use the subject line of "Business Connect KC" and include the following information: a.) your name; b.) your business and/or the name of your employer; c.) your business address; and d.) a phone number that we may reach you at.

The cost for membership is $100 per year. This includes monthly meetings with breakfast included; semi-annual after-hours events; and an opportunity to network with dynamic business people who are as interested in growing their business as you are.

Note: Since we only allow one representative per industry, if there is an existing member of the group with the same or similar profession, you may speak with that member, and see if you can both benefit from membership. The member has the final say.


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